Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 19 New Transfer

This is what Elder Rabow sent us this week;

Ya I don´t have any time like normal, but things are great here. So many things happen this last week where do I even start. first I am in a new sector. It is in the same district that I was in before. that almost never happens, but it feels almost exactly the same. It´s called El Rocio. My companion, Elder Hunsaker, I knew before we were companions. Hes from Orem. I am super excited for this change. I don´t even know what to say about this week, but i guess Ill share an experience. So we have an investigador that hasn't drank for five months and two days ago we found him in the street completely drunk. We feel like we llost our best investigator. I hope everything works out with him, but I feel like we lost him... please put him in your prayers..other than that not much happened. jaja. Just super busy and I never have time for anything. I love you guys so much and hope you have a great week.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Christmas 2016

Elder Rabow had a great week around Christmas!! Lots of food at a members house!! Here are a few things he told us and some pictures of his activity!

Sorry I haven´t written in a couple weeks I have been super busy on Mondays..but ya here we are. First off, Merry Christmas. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and really remembered the reason we celebrate it. Christ. (it´s in the name) He came to world to be the light for us to follow and help us through the hard time. He is always there with open arms when we need him. I am so grateful for the chance to be in the mission over the holidays. This Christmas meant a lot more to me because of how I have grown to know who Christ really is. He has been there for me through the hardest times and the best times too. He is there for all of us.
I had a great week and ate more food than I have the rest of my mission. Also we have an investigator named Rodrigo. He is the most humble man, but has a bad addiction with alcohol. Put him in your prayers. I am so grateful for the chance to teach him and help him. He will be baptized sí o sí. Estoy muy agradecido por cada uno de ustedes. Tengan una buena semana y un buen año nuevo. Les quiero (I am very grateful for each one of you. Have a good week and a good new year. I love you all)

Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 11 through Week 19

This will be a summary of all the weeks due to Elder Rabow not having a lot of time to write


Bueno. This week went by crazy slow. We taught so many people..20 lessons in one other areas of our zone that a months worth of lessons.  A few of these lessons were to this family. Oh questions Bueno. Their names are Claudio  (Elder papa), Juanita  (la madre), and Ignacio (Elder hijo). They are super great. Right now they have a date for their baptism the 4th of December. It is a little hard to find time to teach them because Claudio is always working.  They are progressing so fast. Algo chistoso about Ignacio. We always run into him on the bus and he was with this girl (actually a member) and we were giving him a hard time about his "friend....a ver... quotas la let de castidad... the next lesson.. jaja.(LOL) But ya this family is awesome  I can't wait to see them at the temple all in white in a little over a year. I am super excited for them.