Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week 4

I am so ready for the field. This past week was nuts. So on thursday it was Mexican Independence day and there was fireworks all night and music blasting, it was hard to sleep. But it was so much fun. They threw a party for all the missionaries and we watched a mexican ballet. It was really cool to see how another culture celebrates their independence.
The days are flying by down here and I can´t wait until Oct 4. I need to get out in the field. I am driving myself nuts. I want to leave, but I know I need this. I know I need more of the language study. My spanish is coming along and I can understand more of what people say all the time, pero no puedo decir mucho. I hope everyone is doing great at home and just remember that you are all children and God and he loves you! Love you all!

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